Light ON&OFF Automatically by Motion Sensing Technology
BikeSpark senses motion and turns on the light while you are riding the bike. BikeSpark makes you safer and more visible to others either during the daytime or in a dark. It automatically turns off to save battery life when your bike is parked after one minute. BikeSpark not only provides you the most convenient way to be seen on your ride, but also prevents you from forgetting and leaving the light on to prolong the battery life up to 2 months*.
Deceleration Warning on Braking Detected
Unlike others, BikeSpark detects bike deceleration with an innovative deceleration sensing algorithm, Vsenx ™. Once deceleration detected, BikeSpark increases the luminance to ultra bright in a very short time for 2 secondss, alerting and improving the reaction time of a rider/driver in a trailing vehicle**.
220º Wide-viewing Angle Design
220º Wide-viewing Angel Design provides eye-catching from all angels in back. No matter the angle of view is from high, low, left, right or far away, BikeSpark is designed to increase cycling safety and attracts all eyes on the road.
Battery Life up to 120HRs
BikeSpark lasts up to 120HRs with two unused new alkaline batteries in slow flash mode. Which means you can ride with BikeSpark on for 7 days straight.

Vsenx Velocity ​​Sensing Technology

BikeSpark Auto-Sensing Rear light revolutionizes the genre of bike rear lights with Vsenx ™, an innovative deceleration sensing algorithm. Vsenx ™ accurately detects braking and riding speed changes, and filters road surface noise and the noise of hard acceleration or standstill. It significantly improve the promptness and correctness of deceleration warning light. BikeSpark perfectly lifts the safety to a new level with deceleration brake warnings for cycling riding,

With a wide-angle design and battery optimization that complies with the K-Mark taillights, BikeSpark Auto Sensing Rear Light provides a more comprehensive range of safety features for bicycle riding.

Patent No.:TW 106116520

Be Safe and Be Seen

In accordance with safety regulation of Germany bicycle laws. ~K858


Product description


How it works:

  • Fast and easy to install. BikeSpark is mounted HORIZONTALLY for any kind of bicycle seat tubes in 1 min.
  • One button for 3 lighting modes. Press and hold the power button for 3 secs to turn on or off BikeSpark. Keep clicking the button to switch lighting modes for Steady, Flash and Slow Flash.
  • Deceleration Warning on braking detected automatically.
  • Light ON automatically when motion detected, Off automatically when inactivity over 1 min.(When Power is ON.)
  • Please turn off the power while not using it for a long period.


  • Auto-sensing and Deceleration Warning enabled by Vsenx ™
  • Light source: 3 LED & 1 low battery indicator.
  • Battery: AAA Battery *2
  • Dimension: 63 * 61 * 28mm
  • Material: PC
  • Weight: 45g
  • Others: IPX3, Splashproof
  • In accordance with safety regulation of Germany bicycle laws. ~K858
  • Steady mode up to 60HRs
  • Slow flash mode up to 120HRs


* Assuming that riding the bike with BikeSpark on for 40 minutes everyday.
**Deceleration Warning on braking detected test was conducted by JMEX in Sep. 2017 using preproduction BikeSpark samples on a general bicycle. When the bike was braking and reducing its speed from 30, 25 or 10KM/HR to 25, 20 or 5KM/HR respectively in one second, BikeSpark will increases the luminance to ultra bright, or the alert, in the second. Actual deceleration warning alert varies by rider’s force applied on brake levers, the mechanism for transmitting that signal to the brakes, types of brakes, types of roads and many other factors. Actual results will vary.


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