Take Your Cycling Experience to the Next Level
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Ride Safely with Confidence
  • Deceleration warning when braking detected
  • BikeSpark’s Auto-Sensing Rear Lights detect bike deceleration with an innovative deceleration sensing algorithm, Vsenx ™. Once deceleration is detected, BikeSpark increases the brightness to ultra bright for 2 seconds, alerting and improving the reaction time of the person in any vehicle traveling behind.

Perfect Balance Between Riding Safety and Battery Life
– BikeSpark Auto On/Off by Motion Sensing Technology
– Never have to remember to turn off your rear light again! BikeSpark turns off automatically after 1 minute of inactivity, and turns on when motion is detected. The perfect balance of convenience, battery life and riding safety.

Great Brightness
Super bright SMD LEDs providing excellent visibility, up to 35 lm with low power consumption.

220 Degree Visibility
  • 220 degree wide-angle lighting design.
  • BikeSpark rear lights put visibility as the first priority. 220 degree wide-angle design ensures riders can be seen from any angle for increased road safety.

USB Rechargeable and Li-polymer Battery
No need to keep spending your money on batteries. BKS-G2 and BKS-G3 come with a charging cable that charges from your computer, power bank or any device with a USB port.

Easy Installation & Fits Every Bike
Mounting a BikeSpark couldn’t be easier. There are only 2 steps to attach it on your bike.

Step 1.
Use the flexible rubber strap to mount securely on your bike.

Step 2.
Install the BikeSpark Auto-Sensing Rear Light either horizontally or vertically.

Resist water jets from any direction

Four Lighting Modes with Safe Flashing Features
BikeSpark featuring Safe Flashing mode expands light awareness and visibility to the next level.

  • IPX4
  • 14 LED, 1cd; 2 LED, 10cd
  • up to 50 lm
  • AAA Battery*2
  • up to 30HRs
  • 50mm & 80mm bolt distance
  • 108 x 44 x 33mm
  • 85g

  • IPX5
  • 10 Super Bright SMD LEDs
  • up to 35 lm
  • 420mAh Li-polymer
  • up to 45HRs
  • TPR Rubber Band (∅23-40mm)
  • 69 x 28 x 27mm
  • 35g

  • IPX5
  • 6 Super Bright SMD LEDs
  • up to 20 lm
  • 550mAh Li-polymer
  • up to 90HRs
  • TPR Rubber Band (∅23-40mm)
  • 74 x 24 x 26mm
  • 40g