Kokuyo redefined its best-selling product with J-MEX’s cutting-edge Technology.

Customer/Product Description:
Kokuyo, the No. 1 stationary brand in Japan, introduced 1st Air Beam product in 2012, and followed by another 2 successor products. Because of the second to none user experience, even though it was priced at the premium segment, Air Beam series is still the best selling product in the market.

Product 1 Description:
ELA-P1: RF 2.4G presenters (3 axis/gyro).

Key Functions:
Cursor control with customer’s proprietary presentation software on PC.

In 2011, Kokuyo was looking for a unique presenter product with software laser, so it teamed up with J-MEX to ensure the highest quality standard from all prospective. We implemented a gyro for the cursor control in the presenter and designed the whole PCBA with the firmware for precise cursor control. Kokuyo successfully launched this product in Q3 2011. This presenter allows users to experience a physical laser presenter function along with Kokuyo’s complimentary presenter software. In addition, We managed this product to have it Japan Telec certified.

Product 2 Description:
ELA-P2: A Combination of a presenter for presentation& a remote control for multimedia use.

Key Functions:
Cursor control, left& right button to compatible with general use of a mouse.

After the great success of ELA-P1, Kokuyo worked with J-Mex to develop 2nd generation gyro Presenter, ELA-P2. It designed additional left& right buttons for more functions. This presenter not only had a great using experience as a presenter but also became a multimedia remote control for smart TV. It successfully launched in Q3 2012. J-MEX also managed to obtain Japan Telec certificate for this product as well.

Product 3 Description:
ELA-TP1: A presenter (compatible with Windows and Mac).

Key Functions:
cursor control, red laser, timer, vibration.

To make the presenter series more versatile, in 2013, Kokuyo proposed an idea of a timer, vibrator and physical red laser for the new presenter product, so that users could have a preferable choice and be alerted of time consuming while doing presentation. In addition to the original functions in ELA-P1 and ELA-P2, JMEX developed ELA-TP1 for Kokuyo. The product successfully launched in 2014 and held Japan Telec certificate as well.