J-MEX teams up with the leading smart clothing provider and the global leading chipset company together to bring the wearable innovation to athletes and trainers a new way beyond fitness trackers. The KinMAS will be able to acquire motion activities and biometric data from multi-sensors on smart clothes. It would help athletes and trainers gather more accurate training data to improve sports performance.

In this partnership, J-MEX develops 6-axis and 9-axis IMUs sensing fusion technology and deploys 8 sensors with the technology in the smart-clothes. It wirelessly provides real-time workout recognition and motion data to mobile device for motion visualization, motion tracking and data analysis. We believe that this partnership will ignite ideas of multi-sensors smart clothes in the field of fitness, body building and sport performance.

We also seek and explore opportunities to partner with you for implementing J-MEX multi-sensing fusion technology on your ideas of smart clothing. Please contact us for further information.