AI and Sensory Technology

Innovative Services for Children and Seniors in Sensory Integration and Physical Fitness

Monitor, Assess, Improve

Experience the power of KinMAS

A 9-axis IMU-based motion-tracking system that allows seamless integration of 10 sensors at once. With a remarkable 100 FPS streaming resolution, KinMAS captures every dynamic movement detail in real-time, presenting information such as waveforms, 3D animations, body configuration, locomotion, joint angles, and exercise sequences. Track your progress effortlessly across all movement sessions with the option to store the results for future reference.

Discover the potential of KinMAS

The ultimate intelligent tool and system for tracking and recording precise kinematic and kinetic data, offering invaluable insights for experts in biomechanics, sports science, healthcare, and rehabilitation. With accurate full-body human motion analysis and real-time visualization, KinMAS empowers you to concentrate on the crucial aspects of your work or research, from gait and neuromuscular control to movement evaluation.

Unleash Insights with KinMAS

Unlock the potential of data analysis with KinMAS, providing comprehensive information on coordination, muscular strength, muscular endurance, cardiorespiratory endurance, flexibility, power, velocity, agility, accuracy, balance, stability, consistency, and reaction time. This wealth of data enables more comprehensive consultations in the field of physical fitness, including physiotherapy, rehabilitation, sports, and training.