Multi-Sensor Fusion To Analyze Your Whole Body Movement

The MOTi is your best gym tracker that coaches you through fitness sessions. It is a fitness device designed specifically to motivate and enhance your workout experience at the gym and comes with an aluminum core and a snap-it-on strap that allows you to wear on either wrist, upper arm, or ankle. Wearing it on a corresponding position, it automatically tracks all the important stats that matter in the gym, identifies types of workout, logs your reps and recognizes muscle usage, so you can be ready in your next workout.

The next major upgrade of fitness tracker will equip three sensors at the same time on your wrist, upper arm and ankle to enhance using experience and track advanced information, such as workout analysis, motion velocity and more. With the app on mobile devices, it will provide insight stats and analysis for users’ workout improvement.

MOTi, Your Best Gym Tracker

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