The Catalyst for A Better Version of Yourself

Our mission is to keep people moving and motivated in their lifelong journey to better physical performance and psychological strengths. We’re not just an exercise gym and health club. We’re an innovative wellness, fitness and medical rehabilitation device provider on the Internet.

J-MEX is teaming up with the global leading fitness program providers, world-class meditation experts and motivation speakers altogether to bring innovative courses to sports coaches, athletes, physical trainers and trainees a new way beyond physical measurement and exercise programs.

MyFitandWell on-demand platform and courses will be able to not only prescribe appropriate programs or courses to all trainees by analyzing their motion activities and biometric data from multi-sensors and also instruct proper psychological training courses based on the result of a series of psychological tests.

MyFitandWell is a performance mentorship courses provider. It would help athletes, trainers, physical instructors and all trainees gather more accurate training data and interpret data to improve sports performance through the state-of-art machine-learning algorithms combining with physical exercise programs, mindfulness meditation training and one-on-one self-motivation training.

Relevant patent applications supporting the Gym Fitness and the Health Wellness services highlighted by WellandFit include 1.Patent No.: TW I666596, (規畫健身課程參數方法及系統) METHOD AND SYSTEM OF PLANNING FITNESS COURSE PARAMETERS, and 2.Patent No.: TW I665572, (規畫健身課程的方法及系統) METHOD AND SYSTEM OF PLANNING FITNESS COURSES.