Multi-Sensor Fusion To Analyze Your Whole Body Movement

MOTi tracks your movement while you are focusing on each repetition.

Whether you are an expert in biomechanics, sports science, healthcare or rehabilitation, MOTi is the most intelligent tool and system for tracking and recording kinematic and kinetic data that provides useful guidelines for the areas of gait, neuromuscular control and movement evaluation.

MOTi enables simultaneous integration of multiple sensors, allowing you to capture comprehensive full-body human motion, including measurement and analysis of dynamic 3D joint angle, physical sensations and fitness metrics.

With J-MEX’s Msenx and Dsenx technology, MOTi is configured to operate in nine degrees(3 degrees each of accelerometer, gyroscope and magnetometer) of freedom data fusion mode, providing fused absolute orientation data from whole body 9-axis sensors in quaternion form. Our proven biomechanical model and sensor fusion algorithms ensure the highest quality motion analysis and the dynamic accuracy of 3D orientation up to ± 2o even in the most challenging magnetically disturbed environments.