Core Technology

j-mex focuses on developing patent sensing algorithms and related motion sensing technology. In addition to this, we also devoted on complementary technology to to meet functional requirements of various application and to complete our offerings. Here is the briefing of j-mex sensing technology applied to our product lines.



Velocity ​​Sensing Technology

The Vsenx ™ sensing algorithm accurately and promptly processes massive motion signals of a moving object, and effectively excludes specific noise and considerable interference signals, providing reliable estimated data on the fly to fulfill the functional requirements associated with velocity variations.

Dimensional and Gesture Sensing Technology

Dsenx ™ Dimensional and Gesture algorithms accurately estimate pitches, rolls and roll angles of an object, and correct the sensing errors with geomagnetic signals to obtain reliable measurements in any direction and accurately obtain the object’s gesture for reliable reference.

Motion Sensing Technology

Msenx ™ Motion Sensing Algorithm estimates the movement of all individual sensors by tracking the movement time, acceleration, velocity, angular acceleration and distances of multiple sensors arranged at different positions. The content and connotation of the overall action of an object, and showing the movement characteristics for further analysis.

Angle Sensing Technology

Asenx ™ Angle Sensing Algorithm possesses unique statistical methods to eliminate environmental disturbance noise, to correct for errors and to provide fast calibration, allowing user to measure up to 360 degrees and sensitively detect small tilt changes from horizontal to 0.1 °, and accurate measurement of tilt angle ± 0.1 °.

Application Technology


We started with the MOTi wearable fitness tracker for gym workout users. Our multi-sensing fusion technology ignites further dynamic workout tracking and exercises analysis for seamless learning between the physical gym workouts and the digital world in mobile devices. Now, we adopt multi-sensing fusion technology for fitness tracking not only in our next fitness tracker, MOTi II but also in smart fitness clothing technology for different needs. With the technology in the gym and fitness world, we believe that both gym trainers and trainees will benefit from the insights of the tracking information provided.


j-mex develops 6-axis/9-axis IMUs sensing fusion technology on multi-sensing devices to capture real-time human body movement. Through wireless communication, sensed motion data will be visualized on display in real-time for father 3D rendering or virtual interaction without environmental condition or visual angle limits.

We believe that j-mex motion capture technology will become one of the most innovating sensing technology for AR/VR/MR interaction. We also seek and explore opportunities to partner with you for implementing j-mex multi-sensing fusion technology with your ideas such as smart clothing. Please contact us for further information.